Return to Happiness – Going for Renal Gold

April 24th, 2010 – The purpose of my being at the Symposium was to reconnect people to how they have let happiness, slowly disappear from their lives.

Happiness comes from within and we have allowed our life experiences to close us off from this emotion. The result has been, walking through life feeling empty. We then unnaturally try to fill this emptiness with food, drugs, alcohol, TV etc. Gandhi said, “be the change you want to see in the world.” We can do this with a little self discipline and the willingness to look inside ourselves and start taking responsibility for what is not working in our lives and change it.

One way in which we can accomplish this is by being present in the moment. Our five senses only work in the moment and without those five senses our intuition cannot function accurately; as a matter of fact, it cannot work at all. In the health profession and also in our personal lives, sometimes it is that intuitive knowing that something is not quite right that saves another person’s life or saves them from a dangerous situation. When we do not listen to that inner knowing we regret it and then move even farther away from experiencing happiness.

We have to be practical on this journey back to happiness. Perfectionism is unrealistic and does not tolerate mistakes. We stop ourselves out of fear from trying something new or from stepping out of our comfort zone by listening to that inner voice saying “what will so and so think of me?” Those who have changed the world did exactly that to follow their passion (life dream). Fear of failure was not ever an issue, it was fear of not trying everything possible that motivated them. Our passion should be our work, and “work is love made visible” – Khalil Gibran.

“If I opened one person up to the possibility that HAPPINESS is possible, then my sharing some of what I know to be true in my work that I love doing, was then made visible.”

Remember a child or adult is watching you. Model Happiness, it is a gift we can all bring back into our lives. Happiness can support each and everyone of us in becoming who we came here to be and as health care providers it is essential for the successful future of medicine in the 21st Century. The world is waiting for your gifts.

Thank you for this opportunity,
Wendy Kura

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